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From Where I Sit
Hi! Karen Salas here…From my seat, at my desk and in the Body, I have the rare privilege of seeing you lovely people live your lives with HIM. I am in awe of you!     This month I invite you to welcome Lydia Deaton to our Newsletter cover….         

I am Lydia, the oldest of the four Deaton girls. I’m a senior at Biola University, majoring in Christian Ministries. This semester I am interning at Los Altos as part of my major. I am really looking forward to seeing what God has in store this semester!
            Since the very beginning of my life, faith was the major theme. Every day through my parents, my church, and my school I was taught about who Jesus is. I have just a fuzzy memory though of the first time I think I truly encountered Jesus. I don’t know how old I was or where I even was, I just remember kneeling and praying, “Jesus, I need You.” I know I renewed that prayer so many times in my life, but I remember that moment and I know that was the real deal….   Read the REST online here>>