Our young adult ministry has been focusing on prayer through the month of April. They put together a helpful resource with an explanation and appropriate Scriptures around the acronym ACTS:

  • Adoration

  • Confession

  • Thanksgiving

  • Supplication

ACTS worksheet [pdf]


Adoration is an act of praise and worship. Adoring the Lord means offering him the affections of our hearts and paying honor to him for his mighty power, wisdom, strength, goodness, mercy and love. Adoring God reminds us who He is, and who it is that loves and cares for us.
When we catch a glimpse of how magnificent and awesome God is, our hearts naturally turn to adoration.


In the act of confession we are asking God to remove our old, sinful ways of living. God is faithful and just to forgive sins. Through confession we are made new and more like Jesus. When we repent of a specific area, we ask God to clothe us in the opposite.
As we adore the living God, we become aware of our own frailty and sin. We can then confess it and shed that burden as we accept forgiveness.


Naturally, we move toward gratitude when we accept God’s forgiveness. We thank God for what he has already done in our lives and reflect on the many blessings in our lives. We thank him for his promises that He gives us to cling to when our circumstances are overwhelming and for His faithfulness to carry out everything He has said that He will do.
In adoration, our focus is on God – who He is, and our worship of Him. In thanksgiving, our focus is on what he has done – for us, for others, or throughout history.


In supplication, we ask the Lord to give us the desires of our heart and that He would align our hearts with His will. We can also lift up the needs, pains, fears, and desires of others.
We have the privilege of speaking freely with our Heavenly Father because Christ’s sacrifice bought us back out of slavery to sin. We now approach God as his dearly loved children.

Download/Print ACTS Resource Sheet [PDF]