We are delighted to announce that Jim Hocking, Founder of Water for Good will be with us at Los Altos Grace on Sunday morning November 22.  He will be with us for both the 9am hour and the 10:15 worship service.

For the worship service, we are going to have Jim share about “Handling Crisis With Christ.” Jim was in Paris at the airport on Friday Nov 13th when the news of the horrors happening elsewhere in the city broke. He was able to fly out on time and got home safely.

In addition, Jim will be able to tell real, harrowing stories from the Central African Republic and how our brothers & sisters in Christ are getting along there.  We hope that you will make time this Sunday to be part of this special opportunity.
Note:  You can listen to the Sunday Message/Interview online



Growing up in the Central African Republic and then raising my own family there has provided me with the opportunity to learn and understand intimately this culture and country. I have observed the deterioration economically, politically, and socially over the past ten years of strife and civil war. Watching people lose hope completely was devastating because I see so much potential in the people and resources of this country. Water for Good provides the tools needed to equip Central Africans as they implement ideas that can change their world. We have seen God work in awesome ways through the Central Africans working with ICDI and hope to empower even more nationals. Conflict continues in the country, limiting access to some areas of the country for expatriates, so training Central Africans is a key part of Water for Good’s strategy.
Water for Good was founded in 2004 by Jim & Faye Hocking with the help of many friends, supporters and colleagues. Today, Water for Good succeeds through the work & dedication of staff, scores of volunteers, and the prayers & support of thousands of people eager to see real change in Africa.

The Real Water Crisis from Water for Good