Our own Denny and Linda Hehn were commissioned  from our church as they headed out on 3/22 to the Fresno area to help with Gleanings For The Hungry–a global food ministry! Thanks for praying for them.

Here’s their report-
On Sat, Mar 28, 2015 at 10:15 PM, LINDA HEHN wrote:

It was a good week and lots of work was done. Linda worked in the soup factory and the team made nearly 1.2 million servings of soup, Denny repaired about 40 fruit trays for the summer fruit drying, quilts were made, and a house got new siding.  A shipping container arrived from the docks Friday morning and it was loaded with 1 million servings of soup.  We prayed over the container and sent it on it’s way to Eastern Europe for Missions Without Borders to feed the hungry.

 Thanks for your prayers.

Denny and Linda Hehn

P.S. It was a good ride too!