Our Key Strategies


  • Prayer is a priority and foundation in all we do


  • Encourage personal worship through prayer, study, song and obedience

  • Provide opportunities for corporate worship utilizing a wide variety of styles and methods


  • Foster an environment conducive to the development of deep abiding relationships

  • Provide an environment where members have opportunities to meet each other’s needs

  • Provide opportunities for the body to “be together”


  • Encourage and facilitate personal ministry according to the gifts and passions of individual believers

  • Utilize flexible methodology based on needs, effectiveness and God’s direction

  • Practice people sensitive planning


  • Provide opportunities for believers to increase their knowledge of the truth

  • Provide opportunities for believers to put their knowledge into practice

  • Encourage personal Bible study and quiet times

  • Encourage and facilitate redemptive relationships

  • Encourage and facilitate ministry participation


  • Encourage each believer to make evangelism an integral part of their lifestyle

  • Train each member of the body to use their unique gifts and abilities in evangelism

  • Incorporate outreach into every ministry program

  • Implement programs designed to bring believers and unbelievers together in the same place at the same time

  • Focus on planting churches as a means of expanding the kingdom


  • Model both vision and values through personal example

  • Continue growing in grace and the knowledge of the truth

  • Empower leaders to take action

  • Create ownership of ministry

  • Seek consensus and foster unity

  • Motivate, empower, resource and mobilize believers for ministry


  • Provide for individuals to develop and practice leadership skills

  • Provide structures for coaching and encouraging

  • Provide ongoing training, resourcing and encouragement of existing leaders

  • Implement an intern program based on the Leadership Harvesting model


Our Mission
As the people of God known as the Los Altos Grace Brethren Church our mission is to share the Good News about Jesus with people from all walks of life, teaching those who believe to pattern their lives after the life of Christ by gathering them into communities that foster an atmosphere of togetherness and commonality in which each individual enjoys deep, growing, abiding relationships with God and others. As we touch lives -- God changes the world!