Our Core Values


God is the only true source of life and as such the only true source of love, joy and purpose


The truth of God’s word is able to impart knowledge of God, deliverance from sin and death, and equip us for every good work


for the individual…

  • that they repent and believe the good news about Jesus

  • that they personally experience God’s love and grace

  • that they continue to grow in their relationship with God

  • that they learn to respond positively to His leading

  • that they become active participants in the community of believers

for the community of believers…

  • that they actively and visibly love one another

  • that they live together in unified allegiance to Jesus Christ

  • that they actively serve one another through their God given gifts and abilities

  • that they actively demonstrate the love and grace of God in word and deed to unbelievers


Intimacy with God through…

  • prayer

  • spiritual disciplines

  • personal worship

  • corporate worship

  • personal Bible study

  • active participation in His cause

Intimacy with others through…

  • loving relationships

  • mutual concern, care and encouragement

  • the building up of one another

  • mutual participation in His cause

Our Mission
As the people of God known as the Los Altos Grace Brethren Church our mission is to share the Good News about Jesus with people from all walks of life, teaching those who believe to pattern their lives after the life of Christ by gathering them into communities that foster an atmosphere of togetherness and commonality in which each individual enjoys deep, growing, abiding relationships with God and others. As we touch lives -- God changes the world!